Our Technology

Over the past eight years, the member organizations of the Consortium have developed highly successful anti-censorship technology and a suite of secure Internet tools for users inside closed societies such as China and Iran.


The number of hits from closed societies had reached more than 400 million per day as of January 2008. The latest figures show more than 90% of the Internet traffic from China for anti-censorship purposes goes through our secure gateway services. Our technology is scalable, so our service capacity is constrained only by the need for more funding.


Our users know our tools will get the job done and allow them to access uncensored information and visit blocked websites at will. They trust us because our technology is field tested, safe, and reliable.


Internet Censorship Mechanisms


Our anti-censorship systems provide protection and connectivity to virtually all Internet applications including web-surfing, emails, instant messaging, and audio/video streaming. In addition, we provide what is thus far the only comprehensive, independent multi-language web-portal with its own built-in search engine technology and anti-jamming system.


Acomplete Solution: Anti-Jamming System



The Consortium has gone through every step of anti-censorship technology development -- including design, scalability, promotion, deployment, maintenance, support, and product improvement. It has also accumulated successful end-to-end service experience meeting the unique needs of users in the repressive environments of China and Iran. The Consortium is now ready for a substantial scale-up.


Successful anti-censorship technology is only the beginning, however. The majority of Internet users in closed societies can only make use of uncensored news and content that is in the native language. For example, most of the online communication tools and search engines that Chinese users like to use are in Chinese, hosted in China, and censored by the Chinese authorities.


In response, World’s Gate has created an open, free multi-language web portal: the Freedom Portal. Now in its third version, the portal contains 40 web services as well as an enhanced search engine that finds pages that other search engines miss or block. The integration of the Freedom Portal with highly successful anti-censorship technology provides users worldwide with publishing capability as well as complete and transparent access to online information.


Promotion of the technology is also a crucial element in anti-censorship efforts because the more users, the greater the social impact. The Consortium has already accumulated extensive experience in reaching out to users in China through both grassroots campaigns and advertisements. The former includes overseas people making phone calls, sending faxes, sending emails or postal mail, or chatting on line with friends and families in China. The campaigns are usually implemented through collaborations with third-party organizations.