IFP History

The Internet Freedom Project (IFP) was first started by a group of engineers in 2001. It was initially created to provide Chinese internet users access to the web sites blocked by China's GoldenShield internet censorship and jamming systems.

The project, now in its seventh year, has been extremely successful in advancing the freedom of information in China. At the present time, essentially every website blocked to mainland Chinese users is accessible through this project's anti-blocking technology. This includes the web sites of Voice Of America and Radio Free Asia, as well as the uncensored versions of Google and Yahoo.

In 2005, hits by mainland Internet users through our technology averaged 30 million per day.

Cyber Information Control - China Great FireWallIt has created a safe, secure online virtual environment where Chinese people can practice and realize the freedom of speech, association, and belief which does not exist elsewhere in China. The positive impact is both very real and important.

This project not only carries uncensored information into China, but also brings current information from within China to the outside world – a vitally important service to ensure incidents such as the SARS cover-up by the Beijing Government cannot be repeated. The technology is also being used by Internet users from other repressive countries such as Iran and Vietnam. Its potential usage is enormous.


For more information about IFP history and accomplishments, please refer to this news report:

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