Global Pass Client Software


GPass is an Internet anti-jamming product widely used in China to overcome Internet censorship. It effectively protects user privacy and online safety by providing a secure Internet access mechanism.






  • integrates online security tools,
  • encrypted storage, and
  • personal data management tools

into a single application. It is one of the best online tools for users under adverse Internet censorship.


Compared with traditional online privacy and anti-jamming products, GPass’s innovative design allows it to

  • support Internet access mechanisms such as Web2.0 websites,
  • online multimedia streaming (e.g. MMS protocol), file transfer (e.g. FTP), and
  • communication tools such as email and instant messengers as well as web surfing (e.g. HTTP).

This feature uniquely distinguishes GPass from other existing products in this market space. 


GPass was first released by World's Gate, Inc. in the summer of 2006.


Download GPass free: .


The World's Gate is an upcoming organization focusing on building an extensive and trustworthy Internet platform, Edoors (, especially for users from repressive regimes. The objective is to freely and securely access and publish information, with support of the popular services such as emails, blogs, forums and social networks. As part of this offering,


GPass is one of the two anti-censorship systems (the other is FirePhoenix) that facilitate access to Edoors as well as other Internet services. GPass (and FirePhoenix) sets the trend of multi-protocol protection. Currently most anti-censorship tools only offer protection to web traffic, which means a user’s privacy and safety are only protected when he/she visits those specific websites, but other applications with non-web protocols, such as emails, instant messaging, and audio/video streaming, are still subject to censorship. GPass offers support of many application protocols, multimedia streaming (e.g., MMS protocol), file transfer (e.g., FTP), instant messengers, as well as web surfing (e.g., HTTP).


GPass software provides users with an intuitive user interface for them to select which applications they want to be protected. GPass does the chores of finding and connecting servers, encrypting traffic and evading GFW without user intervention. GPass has been built upon the experiences of Garden, UltraSurf and DynaWeb and did not have to reinvent many wheels.