FirePhoenix is a virtual private network (VPN) based anti-censorship tool. It is particularly useful to users on a public network or users visiting websites that track visitors. It is critical for users such as journalists and activists working in territories that censor internet use.


FirePhoenix can be regarded as an all-protocol, automatic, secure and dynamic proxy system. It has the following distinguishing features:

  1. Universal: FP protects all your Internet applications and protocols, not only web (http) traffic. It encrypts your data and hides your IP address when you send/receive emails, play networked games, chat with instant messengers (MSN, Yahoo Messenger, AOL IM, etc.), receive streaming media, as well as when you browse the web. FP immunizes Internet users against monitoring or eavesdropping on ANY information flowing in/out of your computer.

  2. Automatic: FP's powerful protection does not require complex settings by a user. The protection is in place as soon as FP is started. No need to find or set proxies; no need to modify any setting in your applications.

  3. Secure: FP encrypts all your network traffic. No third-party can recognize what Internet information is flowing in/out of your computer, even if they are monitoring your traffic.


The current version of FirePhoenix is FP-MMX. It is not available for
public download. We are distributing FP-MMX through trusted social networks.