Anti-Jamming System

The IFP anti Jamming system is based on our self-invented network technology. Its distinguished functionalities includes:

  • management of a collection of servers, nodes and PCs
  • Traffic encryption, packaging, and tunneling
  • Dynamic channels and channel discovery
  • Automatic blocking detection and IP change
  • Automatic detection and blocking of misuse
  • multiple User friendly interfaces (client software)


The following diagram illustrates how it works:

A complete Solution - AntiJamming System


The IPF anti-Jamming system consists of three major components:


  • Distributed Servers and Nodes: Capable of connecting millions of users simultaneously and easy to scale up as needed.
  • Mutiple Client Software: GPass, GreeGate, UltraSurf, Garden, FirePhoenix
  • Dynamic Encrypted Channels: Mutiple types of encrypted channels with dynamic addresses